Following GDPR regulations, every client has the right to know where their photographs/footage (hereafter referred to as ‘content’ get used and how they get used. They also have a right to know where they are stored, for how long and what happens to them after they are transferred to you.


Content is are captured on a number of cameras and backed up as soon as possible once the shoot is over. 



Content is copied to a hard drives for protection during the editing and processing period the content remains on the SD/Flash cards until editing has been completed. Both kept in two separate locations in case of fire or theft. Once edited, images will be stored on our Pixieset cloud store where you can view and download them or in the case of footage edited films will be sent to you via WeTransfer. Photo galleries can be password protected if you wish. We retain copies of your images on an external drive in addition to your online client gallery just in case of issues. 

In the case of wedding photography a second copy of all edited images will be transferred to a USB stick and posted to you/collected by you.

All images will be stored in the cloud for 5 years from the date of your shoot. All SD cards will be cleared after the images have been edited and uploaded to your online gallery.



We do not retain any data other than the information provided to us for us to book your shoot with us. We do not have a mailing list, we do not send bulk emails. 

Initial enquiries from our website do not hold any personal information other than names and information you have supplied. 

For wedding photography booking forms are completed on paper. A copy is issued to the client filled in and returned. These are retained in paper form and filled - no electronic copy is made unless you have emailed it back to us rather than handing it to us in person.  Paper based booking forms will be kept for 5 years.


No data is stored electronically for marketing purposes.


We advise clients to take a photocopy of the completed wedding booking form prior to sending it back so that you have all the relevant information. 



To be able to continue growing our business we do need to have an online presence with new and fresh content posted on a weekly basis. You are of course, entitled to privacy and to know and understand what happens to your images once they have been taken and delivered. 


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Photographers own marketing (leaflets, business cards, posters, booklets)


I do reserve the right to post details images (flowers, locations and scenic shots) without using any names, people or faces as a marketing tool even If you have requested privacy. 



It is your responsibility and/or the responsibility of your guests to come and speak to the photographer prior to a wedding or larger event to inform them of any circumstances in which a person cannot have their photograph taken. In instances such as:


Foster/ Adoption or looked after children

Witness Protection

Special Forces/ Intelligence Services